Karos Returns features a Mentor program, designed to help and reward players for interacting with the community. Players who are Level 40 or lower can ask another player, who is Level 50 or higher, to be their Mentor. 


Any character who is Level 50 or higher is eligible to be a Mentor in Karos Returns. There are no special requirements to be a mentor, but you can only have one Recruit at any given time. 


In order to be a Recruit, you must be Level 40 or below. After a player reaches Level 41, they will not be able to choose a new Mentor.


When the Recruit reaches Level 50, both the Mentor and Recruit will receive reward items in the mail.

The rewards for the Recruit are a Permanent Storm Tiger Mount, a 30 day Fletta Grade C Weapon, and a 30 day Fletta Grade B Armor.

Mentors will also receive the same Permanent Storm Tiger mount, in addition to one Fletta Weapon Shielding and one Fletta Armor Shielding.


Either the Mentor or Recruit can cancel the relationship at any time. However, after a Recruit is Level 41 or higher, they will not be able to choose a new Mentor. During this time, it is possible for a Recruit who has lost their Mentor to not be eligible for the end reward of this program. Please choose your Mentor wisely to avoid this problem!

Recruits who reach Level 50 can become a Mentor to a different player, to earn free rewards again.