Paladins are holy warriors that specialize in both melee attacks and defense. Paladins wield a sword, shield, and armor into battle. As conduits of divine power, Paladins use their versatile range of divine auras to enhance their comrades' combat prowess, heal, and help strengthen their allies. They are a moving tank of defense and endurance.

A Paladin can advance to a [Defender] class and become an impregnable fortress by augmenting her own power, or she can choose to become a [Holy Knight] and support her comrades in battle via the use of several divine auras.

ICON SKILL NAME                                       DESCRIPTION

Shield Bash Bash an enemy with the Shield, dealing damage.

Condemn Reduce the enemy's chance to defend incoming blows as well as disable hiding-related skills for a period of time.

Holy Aura: Power  Radiate aura increasing all party members' attack power.


Defenders specialize in enhancing themselves in combat. They learn shield-based combat skills that take advantage of their divine strength.

A Defender can advance to the [Guardian] class and live up to the name, or become a [Soul Knight] and find a good balance between defense and offense.


ICON SKILL NAME                                         DESCRIPTION

Stun Assault Hit an enemy's head with the shield's edge, dealing damage with a heavy shock.

Divine Shield Concentrate to gain additional defense at the cost of lowered movement speed.

Stigmata Increase chance to attack and attack power.


Guardians are very good melee and defense characters, staying true to their Paladin roots. They have new offensive skills without sacrificing their already established defensive nature. This, combined with a new aura damage skill, makes Guardians formidable foes in one-on-one combat.


Soul Knights have buffs for both the self and for others, making them a good support-offense class. They are also good melee fighters, utilizing their shield to deal extra damage. In battle, they wreak havoc on enemy formations.



Divine Aura: Holy Fire 2 Burn the ground you are standing on with holy flame to cleanse the impure.

Judgement The Wrath of God shocks enemies with holy energy.

Divine Shield 2 Concentrate to gain additional defense at the cost of lowered movement speed.

Stunner 2 Hit an enemy's head with the shield's edge, dealing damage with Heavy Shock.

Nemesis The Wrath of God shocks enemies with holy energy.

Fanaticism Cast a buff on the target to increase its movement speed.


Among the sisterhood of knights, Holy Knights are blessed with the highest number of auras. Their auras augment their own combat effectiveness as well as that of others by increasing the attack power, MP regeneration, and other stats.

Holy Knights who want to be supports to physical class characters can advance to [Silver Maiden], while those wanting to improve the overall effectiveness of their ranged or casting party members can choose the path of a [Templar].

ICON SKILL NAME                                           DESCRIPTION

Holy Aura: Passion Increase critical multiplier.

Aura Mastery Increase the range of aura.

Divine Cutter Attack with a sword filled with holy power, dealing damage.


Silver Maidens are the best friend to any melee class. The Silver Maiden's buff makes her allies attack faster, deal more damage, or even close their wounds at the cost of her own HP. They are best utilized in the front lines supporting the other melee class while dishing damage of her own.


Templars offer a good support to casters, with a skill that can replenish another's MP at the cost of their HP. The Templar also offer defensive protection from both physical and magical attacks, giving her companions that much more staying power. She can also restore a party's HP at the cost of her own.



Immersion Cast a buff on the target to increase its attack speed.

Blessing of Might 2 Bless a party member's weapon with holy light, increasing its Attack Power.

Integral Sword Stab an enemy with a blessed edge to deal great damage and decrease the enemy's magical defense.


Holy Grail Replenish the taret's MP at the cost fo the caster's HP.

Salvation Increase physical and magical defense.

Grand Cross Detonate a large cross-shaped insignia around the caster.