The Sorceress is a female shadow magician who specializes in using curses that cause slow and painful deaths. They can strategically use curses to weaken their opponents, thereby making them an easier target for their teammates.

A Sorceress can advance to a [Banshee], whose focus is weakening her enemies with curses, or a [Spellbinder] whose specialty is damaging the enemy over time.

ICON SKILL NAME                                       DESCRIPTION

Painful Shock Deal damage to an enemy with a slight chance of stunning them.

Life Tap Absorb HP from the target.

Damage Code: Ram Cause damage and reduce movement speed of the target.


Banshees specialize in curses that weaken enemies. They learn skills that affect the movement speed of the target or lower their ability scores.

A Banshee who wants to focus on cursing a single target for a far deadlier effect can advance to a [Succubus], while those who desire to use their cursing ability to attack over a larger area can choose to become a [Lilim].


ICON SKILL NAME                                         DESCRIPTION

Curse Code: Shackle Cause damage and immobilize the target.

Code Complete: Meltdown Instantly damage the target and lower its defense.

Damage Code: Crammer Cause damage and reduce target’s attack rating and critical chance.


The Succubus specializes in one-on-one combat. Succubi can claim an easy victory with the combination of debuff, snare, and ranged attacks.


Lilims have skills that make them effective against multiple enemies. Their ability to mass dispel buffs make them a fine addition to any war party. Lilims can also disarm an enemy, impede their movement, and inflict damage over time to turn the tide of battle in their favor. 



Curse Code: Shackle 2 Immobilize the target.

Scythes of Am-Amon Attack Power is increased.

Code Complete: Death Physical Defense is lowered. There is a slight chance to lose some HP.

Damage Code: Bind Bind the arms of an enemy preventing it from taking any actions except movement.

Shadow Blades 2 Cause damage to nearby enemies over a period of time.

Code Complete: Ruin Inflict serious burn damage for every second of the duration of the spell


The curses of Spellbinders tend to harm the victims in a more direct way than those of their other demonic brethren. They learn skills that drain the HP or MP of the opponent over time.

A Spellbinder who also prefers to dabble in melee attack should advance to become a [Blood Witch], while those who want to become the harbingers of plague and misfortune can become a [Moon Witch].

ICON SKILL NAME                                           DESCRIPTION

Damage Code: Bleed Constantly inflict damage over a period of time.

Code Complete: Mana Burn Deal instant damage to the target and reduce its MP.

Occult Code: Coward Reduce target’s magical defense.


Blood Witches are more focused on dealing damage with skills that sap away at an enemy's HP and MP. They also debilitate an opponent's defense, power and movement speed, as well as deal direct damage that also come with it MP reduction.


Moon Witches specialize in damage over time, specifically in reducing an enemy's HP, MP and status. While they have direct damage attack spells, they are more comfortable staying back and cursing their enemies until they become pathetic, defenseless cannon fodder.



Damage Code: Ram 2 Reduce target's movement speed.

Occult Code: Gluttony Sap the MP of an enemy and reduce its Magical and Physical Defense.

Hellfire Bluish hellfire burns enemies to ashes.

Damage Code: Bleed 2 Constantly inflict damage to an enemy over a period of time.

Plague of Despair Spew out disease clouds.

Mind Destruction Shock the mind of an enemy, dealing damage.