The rogue is a deadly warrior who strikes from the shadows and wields a weapon in each hand. They learn how to evade incoming attacks and counter with a single, but often fatal blow.

A Rogue who wants a decent repertoire of mortal strikes can advance to an [Assassin], while those who focus on evasion and charms have the option to advance into a [Duelist].

ICON SKILL NAME                                       DESCRIPTION

Slash Hack an enemy up dealing damage.

Cleave Cut Cross-slash an enemy and deal damage, leaving a deep slash wound.

Knob Crack Attack an enemy’s opening with the weapon’s false edge and deal damage.


Assassins are experts in the use of daggers. They learn skills that maximize the chance for critical hits, or attacking a single opponent in rapid succession.

A [Slayer] is an expert in the art of disappearance and assassination, while a [Nightwalker] is learned in the ways of stealth and is capable of attack multiple opponents in melee combat.


ICON SKILL NAME                                         DESCRIPTION

Scramble Assault Sunder an enemy’s armor, dealing damage and reducing its defense.

Spiral Attack Deal damage to an enemy and inflict bleeding wounds.

Shadow Cry Discharge the power of the shadows within yourself, dealing damage to nearby enemies with a slight chance of stunning them.


Slayers specialize in one-on-one combat as well as sneak damage attacks. They have skills that not only deal direct damage but also inflict additional status like bleeding or a reduction of attack speed. They are able to employ stealth in battle in order to deal assassination attacks.


Nightwalkers specialize in attacks against multiple enemies. With the ability to stealth and damage multiple targets at once, their favorite tactic is to infiltrate the frontline and rain destruction upon unsuspecting enemies from behind.



Firestar 2 Hack an enemy to carve a star mark on its body, reducing its Attack Speed.

Spiral Attack 2 Instantly deal damage to a target and cause it to bleed.


Am-amon's Claw Rip an enemy to shreds with the sharpness of a demon claw.

Cannibalize Leave a deep slash wound on an enemy, stealing some of its HP.

Lunatic Offering Run towards enemies and discharge the energy within, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

Shadow Cry 2 Discharge the Shadow Power within you, causing damage to nearby enemies. Damaged targets has a slight chance to be stunned.


Duelists use swords with unmatched proficiency. They receive an ability score bonus that enhances their attack speed and evasion.

A Duelist who wants to focus on the art of evasion can advance to become a [Nightblade], while those who want to cripple their foes can advance to become a [Blackguard].

ICON SKILL NAME                                           DESCRIPTION

Wrist Lock Twist an enemy’s wielding hand, reducing attack power and dealing damage to the enemy.

Decoy Creates a cloak which allows you to stay invisible. The duration of the invisibility increases as you gain levels.

Shadowproof Attack an enemy with an energized blade, dealing damage and absorbing a certain amount of MP in the process.


Nightblades focus on defensive tactics, relying on evasion and blocking enemy attacks. They also are the bane of casters, possessing an attack that reduces an enemy's MP. Finally, they deal attacks that can penetrate an enemy's shielding spell.


Blackguards specialize in dealing multiple status effects to enemies, reducing their evasion rate and defense, as well as movement speed. They also absorb MP from enemies, making them a threat to casters. Being of the Rogue class, they are masters of evasion and parrying.



Blade Star Throw a knife at an enemy, dealing damage.

Spectral Dance Torment the soul of an enemy, damaging it and reducing its MP.

Spell Crack Directly damage an enemy and dispel any shielding effects on it by chance.


Blood Moon Risng Detonate a bomb of condensed animal venom in the target area, temporarily relieving the enemies ability to fight back.

Torch of Ruin Perform a dark ritual that increases Attack Power fo the caster

Shadowproof 2 Attack an enemy with an energized blade, dealing damage and absorbing a certain amount of its MP.