The Bowmistresses are warriors who are sworn to protect nature and the forests using their bows and arrows. As experts in hit-and-run tactics, they are capable of crippling their foes and dispatching of them from a distance.

Bowmistresses who master the art of distraction advance to [Archer], while those who wish to maximize their ranged attack power can choose to become a [Ranger].

ICON SKILL NAME                                       DESCRIPTION

Leg Shot Shoot for the target’s leg, dealing damage and crippling its movement.

Multi Shot Shoot multiple arrows in the direction you’re facing to inflict damage to the enemies in front of you.

Arrowhead Step Aim for a target’s weakness with an arrow, causing damage and disabling it.


Archers are good at disrupting opponents' abilities through the use of bows and arrows. They learn skills that provide utility for any situation.

An Archer can advance to a [Stalker], who can ambush unsuspecting targets, or become a [Hunter] who specializes in disabling the abilities of their foes.


ICON SKILL NAME                                         DESCRIPTION

Death Scythe Shoot for the target’s neck to deal damage, inflicting bleeding wounds and silencing them.

Whisper of Wind An Air Elemental resets all your cool downs, except for Whisper of Wind.

Floating A blessing from the Air Elemental grants you increased movement speed.


Stalkers specialize in one-on-one combat. They have many single target skills and stealth, allowing them to stalk their prey and strike hard at the right moment. Foes who survive Stalkers' initial onslaught must face bleeding damage, which lasts over time.


Hunters specialize in large scale battles. They have skills that target multiple enemies at once, making them very good at crowd control. They also have skills that reduce an enemy's attack as well as cause damage over time.



Camouflage Sneak into the dark and attack an enemy.

Death Scythe 2 Shoot for the target's neck, inflicting bleeding wounds and silence effect.

Rainbow Ray Deal powerful physical damage.

Tidal Explosion 2 Shoot an explosive arrow to deal damage and inflict additional damage over time.

Shining Blast Deal damage to and reduce attack rating of an enemy.

Venom Splash Create a poisonous cloud that continuously damage enemies who get caught in it.


Rangers have improved range and attack power when using a bow and arrow. As experts in skirmishes, they learn to shoot further but still fend off close quarter attacks.

Rangers who wish to maintain their effectiveness regardless of distance advance to [Marksman], while those who wish to tackle multiple opponents at once can advance to a [Scout].

ICON SKILL NAME                                           DESCRIPTION

Siege Mode Take the Siege Stance. Critical Chance and Attack Speed is increased, but movement speed is decreased.

Rock Buster Strike an enemy multiple times to deal damage, and inflict additional damage consistently for a period of time.

Thane Force Attack an enemy with a roundhouse kick, dealing damage and knocking the target back.


Marksmen specialize in one-on-one combat. Although they completely lack area effect skills, they can deliver coup de grace attacks to an enemy with knockbacks, DoT attacks, and explosive arrows.


Scouts specialize in multiple enemy battles. They have a number of area effect offensive skills to rain death upon enemies. They also have the capability to augment their natural offensive skills, increasing their critical hit rate, attack and speed.



Rock Buster 2 Strike an enemy multiple times to deal damage, inflicting additional damage over time.

Rage of Zephyr Quickly pierce a single shot of multiple arrows to a single target, dealing damage and knocking back the target.

Big Bang Shoot a powerful explosive arrow, dealing damage and causing additional damage by chance.


Burning Shot 2 Inflict damage for each blow to a target.

Eagle Eye Increase crit hit rate, attack rating, and movement speed.

Arrow Typhoon Deal powerful magical damage to nearby enemies.