No. Name Description
1 EXP Bar Displays Player EXP progress on the current player's Level
2 Character Info Window Displays Character Name, Level, Icon, HP, MP, MV, and FP.
3 PK Mode status Displays PK Status On/Off
4 Party Info Window Displays the party members in the following order: Player, Party leader, and Party members
5 Target Info Window Displays the target's level, name, HP, and any special ability of the target
6 Mini Map Window Displays character's position (center of the minimap) which shows nearby terrain and NPCs.
7 System Message Window Displays system messages
8 Chat Window Displays chat messages. Players can set the chat window to broadcast, General, Party, Guild, Shout, Alliance, Opposition. To browse the chat log, use the scroll bar.
9 Game Menu Displays Sub Menus, Character, Skill, Community, Main Menu, User Shop, and Quest Log.
10 PK Mode On/Off Displays HP and PK Toggle On/Off.
11 Hotkey Slots Displays Hotkey Slots (1 - =) main hotkeys, secondary hotkeys, and weapon slot.
12 Bag Expansion Slots Displays all Expansion bags, and Basic inventory bag.